Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Round and round

Last night, we laundered all of the clothing (16.2 lbs.) that we purchased from the Goodwill Outlet earlier in the day. I met the owner of the laundromat while we were waiting, and we discussed the gentrification of Alberta, the resale on Speed Queen dryers, and the commute to/from Tacoma. At the same time we were doing the wash, we had dinner at Mash Tun, where we saw chalkboard graffiti in the restroom (the one on the right-hand side, as you enter the restaurant) that read "I want U Jennifur". We had been designing two sets of signal flags to be hung together; the combination of the two sets would intone a *relationship* of sorts, referencing the sex industry, or fur trade. The flags will slap into one another as they wave in the breeze. With the graffiti discovery, we've revised our original design for the sets and now have created two sets of flags which will act as protagonists-- Jennifur & Logan.

Jenni(fur) & Log(an); The Jennifur set is pieced together from intimates, velveteen fabrics, lace, and silk blouses, Logan is assembled from dress shirts, flannels (with pockets intact), and polo shirts. Images will follow

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