Sunday, June 1, 2008


Exploring the layered nature of a place is the focus of our collaborative projects. Gravitating towards environments and objects that are typically overlooked, trampled and forgotten, our works utilize fragmented, hybridized forms; incorporating found, recycled, and (when necessary) fabricated materials in installations, audio, digital media, photography, video, and objects that respond to their location or origins. Shredded business cards, paper targets, personal documents, repurposed sweaters, hand-blown glass, assault rifles, electric leaf blowers, sawdust, railroad spikes, and work gloves from our streets have all participated in this open exchange.

Sadly (for us), our joint efforts are interested in the slow, laborious nature of handcrafted work and the dialogue that accompanies it; we choose processes that are methodical and intricate—we begin by researching behavior, demographics, local history, and maps—searching for in-roads, points of contact. We’ll embroider, sew, leatherwork, solder, blow glass, arrange, and catalogue objects. The history of a place, a project, the community, and the ways that people move through their spaces are all open questions in our practice.

Image: Sonny and Rico in Miami, c. 1983

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